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Team BCO

Team BCO consists of the staff from Base Camp Outfitters. All life long skiers. These are the folks who do much of our product testing. We are now in search of creating a new TEAM BCO. Contact us for details. Members will be fully sponsored with clothing and ski equipment.


Enjoys skiing switch as much as regular. Spends all his time free riding and playing in the parks. Rides Crispi Evo’s and Head Monster 78‘s & 82’s


Nordic ski racer switched to Tele when he was 15. Born and raised skiing free heel. Carving turns is his passion. Skis Crispi CXP and Head Monster 78’s

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Hi, I'm Mike Miller and I would like to welcome you to Base Camp Outfitters in  beautiful Killington Vermont. BCO has been a leader in the Telemark world for the past twenty six years and this coming season we will continue that tradition. We will be offering all the major NTN boot brands with Crispi, Scarpa and Garmont and the largest rental fleet of NTN possibly in the country.  Yes, we sell some of your basic tele gear but we are not about basic here. The tele world is changing. Skiers are more aggressive and demand  aggressive gear. Your traditional tele skis do not hold-up for many of these skiers demands and we know it. Head, Dynafit and now Blizzard skis have been untouchable and dependable for the hard rocking tele skier. No skis from China sold here!. NTN is now six years old and has proven to be the future for tele skiing. We have skied it everywhere, lifts, back country, Tuckermans and even for kite skiing. It out performs all other boot binding systems, period. Next season there will be 9 NTN models available including a ultra light back country set-up.
I suggest if you are looking for a new boots to try the NTN system, it is here to stay.
Thanks for visiting and feel free to send us an e-mail if you have any questions.

This page is under construction at this time. We are in the process of adding our new team members.

Yours truly. I have been Tele skiing for the past 25 years, averaging 100 plus days a year on snow. However, for the past few years my days on the mountain have been hinder due to kite skiing. I must admit I spend more time tele kite skiing now-a-days. My quiver, OZone 11 meter Frenzy kite, Head Mojo 90’s Hammer Head bindings and Crispi CXP’s. For gravity skiing Head 78’s and NTN with Crispi Shivers.

Mike Caldwell aka.MC aka May Day. Has been with BCO for most his life. Making turns is for light hearted, speed is king. Loves to go fast. Skis Head JO Pro’s for the parks, Monster 88’s for everyday skiing. Crispi Evo and NTN. Mike is one of our top NTN guru’s. He has been on NTN since the first prototype. Many have chatted with MC on tele tips. 

waiting for photo

He is now a new daddy so getting photo’s of him is hard.

Sam Lewis, is a lifer on tele gear. Spent many years tele’ng in Stowe and has been with us at BCO for the past six years. Ski tester for Blizzard tele skis so he skis all models, favorite is the Cronis. Sam is another NTN skier, Scarpa Pro.

Tuckermans 1985, Trail Airplane